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The Mazda CX-3 appeals to owners who prefer a subcompact vehicle that is fun to drive and offers the elevated viewing perspective of an SUV. Shorewood, IL owners also appreciate the generous list of features that come as standard equipment. The fact that the CX-3 gets impressive gas mileage is an additional plus. In recent years, Mazda reduced the number of available trims for the CX-3. As such, the little SUV is only manufactured in the Sport trim.


The CX-3 Sport is powered by a four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine that is rated at 148 horsepower and 146 pound-feet of torque. The engine functions in combination with an automatic transmission having six speeds. Front-wheel drive is also standard. However, some potential Orland Park, IL owners might prefer the extra traction that all-wheel drive models provide. Regardless, the CX-3 offers great gas mileage while being quickly responsive during both acceleration and stops. The little SUV also takes curves and corners with ease.


The Sport models in our Tinley Park, IL area inventory seat up to five passengers in an upscale cabin made using quality materials. The interior is upholstered in fabric. The front seats adjust manually. The climate control is automatic. The vehicles also come with the convenience of remote keyless entry. Once seated behind the steering wheel, drivers need merely push a button to start the engine. The rear of the vehicle supplies 17.8 cubic feet of space. By folding the second-row seats, the space expands to 42.7 cubic feet.


The subcompact SUVs have an infotainment system equipped with a touchscreen measuring seven inches. The system integrates wirelessly with Android and Apple smartphones. Drivers have the added convenience of making or taking calls and controlling the infotainment system via voice command. Bluetooth® enables online access for all mobile devices. The AM/FM stereo has six speakers. A USB port provides the means of keeping devices charged.

New Joliet, IL drivers might also add a rearview mirror that dims automatically. An ambient lighting package enables users to choose from different colors to set the interior mood. Other options include a universal garage door opener that offers multiple functions. In addition to opening and closing garage doors, the device may turn lights on/off in homes or lock and unlock safety gates.

Safety On Joliet, IL Roads

The latest edition of the CX-3 Sport have advanced LED headlights and pedestrian detection that functions day and night to alert drivers of possible danger. The headlights are designed to follow the patch of the vehicle in order to provide optimal illumination around curves and during turns. The high beams also turn on automatically when sensors detect the need for additional light. Drivers also get a heads-up display to see pertinent information while watching the road in Bourbonnais.

The long list of standard safety features includes automatic emergency braking that applies the brakes should the driver not heed front-end vehicle warnings. Blind-spot monitoring prevents collisions should the driver attempt to change lanes when another vehicle occupies the space. Should the vehicle veer toward another lane without the use of a turn signal, the lane-keeping system alerts the driver to make a correction.

The adaptive cruise control allows the vehicle to travel at the speed determined by the driver. Should traffic slow or stop, the system automatically alters the speed of the CX-3 to match surrounding traffic. Once traffic resumes speed, the technology returns the SUV to the desired speed. The automatic windshield wipers are equipped with sensors that detect moisture and engage when needed.

A rearview camera and rear cross-traffic alert are other standard safety amenities. The live images provided by the camera enable drivers to see the area behind the vehicle. If sensors detect potential danger approaching either rear side, the driver receives a warning to stop. Shorewood, IL owners might upgrade the system by adding rear parking sensors.

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